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---- first name, origin of the name
---- law of january 8th, 1993
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----- the choice of the pregnancy and of the genre
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----- the death and the firstname
----- sick firstnames
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----- incestuous choice
----- mythological first names
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----- parrot first name
----- mr and mrs have a son
----- breaking up first names
----- the centre of the saint
----- hysteria and firstnames
----- son of...
----- danger out names
----- first names, in order of...
----- individuation and first name
----- first names of stars
----- turn around the world
----- first names like a burden
----- nickname, obliteration of oneself
----- diminutive
----- small name
----- until where they will stop
----- what one does not name
----- phantasm and first name

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The Traumatism of the first name
(first name meaning)

This site was carried out according to the book of François Bonifaix, with the Dune95 Editions

Why this site?

Naming a baby is not simply to give it a first name. What can be the psychological consequences - first name meaning - for the child and the adult it will become by choosing his/her first name ? We don't give a first name to a baby simply because the first name is "pretty" or "beautiful". Around this choice, there are innumerable other reasons, whether conscious or not. What will happen to the little "lexus" or "porsche" ? You, who have a first name, what is its history ? I hope that through these pages, illustrated of real examples, some will find answers, others will discover aspects of themselves they were unaware of.