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The Traumatism of the first name
This site was carried out according to the book of François Bonifaix, with the Dune95 Editions

Creation of a first name

Since the new law, that which allows a quasi total freedom in the choice of the first name, one attends the emergence of the invented first names. This chapter ravit the psychoanalyst lacanien because the first name resulting from the imagination of the parents is very revealing. There are several "techniques" which are applied:
The first method consists in modifying an already existing first name, by modifying certain letters: the contribution of A to replace the E traditional: Navy becomes Marina, Cécile becomes Cécila.

The second consists in grafting two syllables of first names already existing to form only one of them: Vérane, Vérana, Vérèna (Veronique and Anne), Bertran, Bertranne, Bertranna (Bertrand and Anne).

The third consists in using concrete nouns and to transform them into first name. We thus attend the birth of small Euro, of Europa. A rather widespread step also consists in giving names of flowers: Irises, Rose, Anémone are known, Jonquille, Violette, Tulipe are it less. First names find their sources in the semantic field of the sea (or of the mother, phonetically near, symbolically also): Océane, Marine are spread, of the winds: Alyzée, Mistral, of the ground: Agricultural (old first name besides), the list is long and must certainly be supplemented each day.

The fourth is the product of imagination: Hanc, Styr for simplest, Osalys, Synophia... Impossible to draw up an exhaustive list. This product there is interesting in psychoanalytical research. While using the methods freudienne of free association, to find the origin of this "creation" considerable answers within the framework of an analysis bringbrings on the traumatisms of the parents, the child becomes the support of the response to the interrogations of the relative. A trauma of childhood very often has suddenly found its solution in the analysis of the choice of the first name by this method of choice. Because here it is well the unconscious one which "speaks", the impulse which is expressed through word, of one or more syllables.

There are many ways obviously today of being able to give a first name to his/her child, I quoted four of them and I could not have the claim of all to mention them here. The single and complex being being, the liberalization of the choice by the law of 1993 opens large doors which the psychoanalysis will be able to penetrate thereafter in the only way of comprehension and listening of human operation. There is certainly an unconscious and hidden message which one seeks to transmit and make perdurer through meanders time, a message which would be liked universal, a trace of oneself.