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The Traumatism of the first name
This site was carried out according to the book of François Bonifaix, with the Dune95 Editions

Hysteria and first names

There is no place to forward itself here there to an attempt at definition of hysteria, we will speak only about more or less marked hysterical components at certain people. I dedicate an interest rather particular to the behaviors of the hysterical type. My observation leads me to think that the hysterical has a coded message of a force and an extraordinary range. To start with this capacity of handling out of the commun run, the hysterical is that which misleads, this capacity of adaptation to the other is extraordinary, instinctively it is put on the same operating mode and without really realizing of its "capacities" will use and misuse the other. The charm is a factor common to all those which I already could meet, an incredible capacity of seduction followed by the emission of a complaint equal to the sirens which attracted the sailors, because such is the step of the hysterical, to trap in his nets, to use at the expense then "letting die". It seeks the Love, with large A, the man or the woman supposed to prove that there/she exists. While extrapolating one could even imagine that the hysterical has a scan allowing to read the thoughts more exactly the unconscious impulses of which it côtoie.

It is difficult to detect it with the first access, I even wondered whether there were only the hystericals who could recognize themselves between them, as in the animal relations where his own territory is delimited, a "kept hunting" exclusive which one protects. One is far from these scenes of Breuer, these famous crises of hysteria, these ex-witches whom one burned on roughing-hew it. At each century its hysterical, today it tends to being less exteriorizing, more discrete and can be more numerous consequently. The idea that is in general made the company on hysteria has that of awkward which it compares the behavior to that of a large mental patient. One cannot speak here about hysteria without the reader renvoit with the popular speech, the attack of nerves being often regarded as a crisis of hysteria. The misuse of the French vocabulary, where will to amplify an arriving event, distorts perception of what is real.

The hysterical is that which makes it possible the psychoanalysis to advance, because it raises new questions unceasingly, out of the behaviorist relations. Precisely behaviorist psychology consists to name a symptom and to find a treatment to him. The latter tend to deny the clean identity of each one, it was made a catalogue of normality and anormality with the remedies to pass from the one to the other. Sails very about it in the United States, still there, the human being is a symptom and only one. Does the hysterical, last rampart counter a company socialized, standardized, solidified?

There is many first names among others, whose children will have strong predispositions to hysteria. The explanation is very difficult and very delicate for me. By the means of observations and steppings, difficult to meet all the carriers of these first names in France to check that they have all these components well. It is thus impossible for me to draw up a list without running up but that will be the subject of a forthcoming work.