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The Traumatism of the first name
This site was carried out according to the book of François Bonifaix, with the Dune95 Editions

First name of saint, christian name

Catholic tradition obliges a number of first names result from the Bible. To start with the apostles: Pierre, Paul, Jean, Jacques, Thomas... Only one lack with the call: Judas. It is true that to carry the first name of that which sold to the Jesus Romans is a considerable burden. Then first names of the "saints", parties évangéliser the world. All or almost died in "martyrs". The sadomasochistic side met in the Christian Church is enough surprising. One finds it in considerable writings. The Dalai Lama at the time of a visit in France pointed out that our companies did not conceive happiness without the suffering as a preliminary. Until in our expressions even we find this need for pain: It is necessary to suffer to be beautiful; when one is done badly in an activity: it is the trade which returns... Each Christian is entitled to the account of the saint whose it carries the name and especially its death in detail, that it is quartered, eaten by the lions, lapidated, etc... One does not fail to point out with the child the holiness of this man who suffered without disavowing his faith, which endured in silence and often one must take it in example. It is an argument used in the first years of the child, his first name corresponds to a model, an image for which it is not necessary to conform (to conform?) but to refer. The Saint is used as example, of model in obedience, uprightness. A principle of education which one meets in the families where the religious aspect is very strongly anchored. A priesthood which one imposes on the other...

Bouddha after fast and deprivation understood that such was not the way to follow to reach wisdom. Even if our beliefs and religions leave in disuse years by years, this principle of suffering and burden to be carried remains through generations, like a ball. Is this a solution there?

Blandine certainly was not devoured by the lions but finished on roughing-hew it. All the Blandine know the history of the holy one. A morals since such is the step of these writings, is to be drawn. Does one have to adapt it? If so, the Blandine are condemned to undertake, though they make the exit is known, a dynamics of the failure in all her forms. One does not fail by where one undertakes but by other ways. If Blandine applies and accepts the morals of her history, its failure comes then from what it is and either of what it will be.