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The Traumatism of the first name
This site was carried out according to the book of François Bonifaix, with the Dune95 Editions

Return in strength of the regional first names

It is increasingly difficult to reason in country but in "Europe" or "world", the roots of each one is some disturbed. The bond which attaches to an origin, with a place is necessary. To recreate its family, to centre it. And more the media send to us at the end of the world and more one seeks to find his area, his city, his village, his district. It is à.la.mode to assert its origin, Breton, Basque, Corsican. A found pride which is noticed with the reappearance of the "regional" first names, following the example this Anglo-American fashion which seems to move away from us. A return to the family or emotional sources is found in the first names being born.

In Brittany re-appear of the first names like Audrey, Nolwenn, Floriane, Maëlle in the girls and Corentin, Alan, Ronan, Tristan among boys.

Provence-Alp-Coast of Azure on the other hand, is the only area of France which is not distinguished yet from the others in this return to the sources (Coast of the first names). Except Anthony, "new" first name for Antoine typically of Provence and Manon which is exported in the same way in all the areas of France, the first names given in this area correspond to their coast at the national level. With this close young first names make their appearance there: Enzo, Julia, Célia, Hugo, Joris, Gabriel.

Esteban in the Basque Country is a first name which makes certain great strides, especially since it was popularized by an animated drawing.

To make a full rotation of the areas is not possible here, more especially as the subject was already tackled, I thus let to you refer to "the coast of the first names, Guides Balland, of Philippe Besnard and Guy Desplanques".

These first names return so much "à la mode" that I would like to quote you the example which follows. A couple "liked" much the Enzo first name, their first child was a boy and it is the first name which it carries today. But that was not enough to satisfy the worship which it carried to these two syllables. The second child a boy, him also, is thus called Lorenzo, and third Dilorenzo. It is time to make a baby girl, Isn't it ?