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The Traumatism of the first name
This site was carried out according to the book of François Bonifaix, with the Dune95 Editions


we meet diminutives of two kinds. The first, in its simple meaning, consists in reducing the first name so that it is shorter to pronounce: Pierre Marie could give Piem, for example. He is inevitably used for the made up first names. Jean Gabriel will give Jean-gab, Jean François will be Jef... We previously saw the impact of a choice of made up first name. As if that were not enough, this one will be moreover seen encroaching of part of its first name. The other first names also undergo the same fate: Alexandra will become Alex, Isabelle, Isa, Francoise, Fanfan. Until schooling, they are the parents who will use the diminutive. The child, alas for them grows and if all occurs well, they cannot use any more to them "my baby, my chichoune...", one is folded back then on the first name which one will modify. There is an emotional role which one carries to the diminutive, an imaginary relation which preserves kind. The child is not perceived like an individual but like a partial object.

There is four "age" where the diminutive can appear. As of the birth, the diminutive will be given by the parents or the entourage. To schooling, this one will be brought by the attended children of the same age, though in this case the nickname is used more. With adolescence, the child grew, the medium in which it also evolves/moves. Then at the adulthood, often by the husband or the woman, it will act here more "small-name".