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The Traumatism of the first name
This site was carried out according to the book of François Bonifaix, with the Dune95 Editions

First names of stars

With the image currently of the "boy' S band", whose impact on the teenagers is enormous, these young people are selected obviously according to quite specific, primarily physical criteria, they are obviously several, for all the tastes, fair, brown, a chechmate of skin; opposition "hooligan" - "bcbg" is essential. These groups carry a whole a name, but it is through first names of each member that the imaginary bond will be created with the "fans". This last "hysterical" reveals his passion devouring only by calling it by his first name. It is not "Halliday, I love you", but "johnny, I love you". This familiarity is of setting presupposing an intimate knowledge of the interested party. The fan knows his idol very: its tastes, its desires, its daily newspaper, etc... at least what reveals the media. It is starting from this idea: since I know many things of my idol, I of it am inevitably close that the phantasm makes the remainder then, creates the reciprocity...

One fact is rather interesting besides to note. Let us take the French group "two Be three" joining phonetically "to Be free" (to be free), in the case of a teenager, the name of this group is not hazardous. Then first names: Adel, Philip, Franck. Adel is a masculinisation of Adele, philip does not have its traditional French orthography, Franck is a free-anglo-Saxon generic first name. There too the choice of the first name is maturely reflected, that it is about the true first name of the singers or not. In the parodies of the "servant boys band", the singers are called Marcel, Raymond, Fernand, somewhat shifted with the first names à.la.mode. Moreover today, much of children being born prénomment like the idol from their parents. The choice is primarily related to the mother besides. A projection of the ideal man, the groups or singers represent our "charming princes" of modern times.

The world cup of football in 1998 gave a multitude of "new" first names which hitherto were not used. And if France had made poor figure in this competition? In any case, from new national heroes were born and a few months after flowered in our maternities of Zizou, Youri, Aimé, whereas this last had fallen in disuse since years. A way of "immortaliser "the event on several generations? A homage? Or rather in the euphoria of the victory to attract with oneself this success. One does not say France gained, but "ONE" gained. As if the witness had as much his share that the player on the ground. It is indeed projection. The media were made the echo of this found "union". This communion, image of multi-racial France which was used as illustration with this face with multiple facets. These a few months made it possible to forget all the remainder, concern inter alia. By prénommant his child Zizou, it "ONE" becomes even more extensive, one domiciles at home a title. One affirms even more his presence with the event.

This step was criticized much, but the Zizou model is a national "hero", the image of somebody has who all succeeds. Prénommer his/her child thus, it is to want to give him this luggage, this symbolic system related to the footballer.