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    Studies showed that first names with Anglo-Saxon and especially American consonance: Jessica, mickael, Jordan... were most widespread in the social classes whose income is very low. This tendency was very strongly marked by the abundance of American series called "soap", these famous series without end, of which some even exceeded the five thousandths episode.

    For example, the series "Hart to hart" arrived to France in 1981, remember, "Jennifer and Jonathan, the dispensers of justice billionaires"... First first name in the United States of 1972 to 1985, Jennifer was carried more and more in the hexagon between 82 and 84 to reach a girl on 50 born between 1984 and 1986. (source: Coast of the first names, éd 97, Balland Guides). At the executives, on the other hand, Jennifer was a first name almost ignored. Kevin, Killian lately appeared. France spends ten years before acting and to react like American one says. The "Masters" of the world are at the origin of many phenomena of mode, even if if often the identification or the will to resemble American is not so positive that it appears to with it.

    Today these first names touch all the social layers. What pushes a couple to be drawn from the American repertory for example? There is of course the arrival of the media, today the end of the world does not exist more, all the territories are covered in less than one second, television, the cinema take part in the development of the knowledge of the other cultures that ours, which was not the case there is a score of years. The United States exerts an undeniable attraction at considerable French, one speaks about American dream. This is why the first social layers with being touched by this phenomenon, which are not limited besides to the choice of the first name, were the poor and average classes. A manner of dreaming, of projecting themselves elsewhere, of taking an end of dream for oneself and to adapt it. To think that elsewhere east can be better than here and than while taking a little besides to put it here, one would be to some extent already elsewhere of this reality. One eats American, one drinks American, one tries to live and to consume with American, then to name with American becomes obvious and undeniable. There is only to see the fight which leads the purists in their battle of protection of the French language vis-a-vis to the invasion of expressions and Anglo-American words in the daily language.

    Television with its series was the first window of this new world, the inspiration was thus taken in the first name of the characters. And then the modes evolve/move, move, the dream is Brazilian, Australian, Arab and one draws from the culture of the other what seems to interest us. A melting pot, a mixing of the cultures for a company which grows rich or were impoverished according to points of view's. What counts is the quality of the phantasm here report/ratio to the escape which pushes a couple with prénommer his/her child.

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