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    A lot of patronymic names today are old first names. At the time of the evangelization, passage of franque Gaule under the obedience of the Church in the first centuries after Jesus-Christ, the traversing saints our plains and mountains left behind them numbers of miracles in "exchange" of an abandonment of the population of their "cruel" names to the profit of the name of the saint. The most widespread name today in France east St Martin. Thus, we also meet of the "Mr Vincent, Antoine, Paul". The council of Thirty (1545-1553) definitively imposes the passage of these first names in patronymic names with an only aim of being able to card-index and supervise, via the Christian name, any individual.

    It was a time, indeed, where the capacities were not shared. Government, justice and religion did finally only one. The campaigns were vast, the means of communication still limited at the speed of the horse. The "catholic" religion Frenchwoman, religion almost imposed on all, were the point of rallying of all French. The sacro-holy mass made it possible to drain all those which one usually did not meet. The Church acted as our decennial census taker of today. The latter, with all these facts and misdeeds that one knows to him, did not have thus any sorrow to find where to initially find any individual with the sights of payment of taxes of all kinds. It is besides at that time that the principle of the confession was set up, where in front of God one came to acknowledge his sins, with the help of some penitences, they were forgiven. There was supposedly a confidentiality, a seal of confession. But this one could be broken, if the interests of the State or the Church were prevalent.

    The Church was the equivalent current of our pointer. The baptism allowed the development of a file, held up to date in a remarkable way and enriches with each new birth. Indeed, not to make baptize his/her child as of the birth, it was to inevitably condemn it to make it wander in the meanders of the hell. A not-baptized infant and which had suddenly died, saw the lost heart, only the act inaugurated by Jean-baptiste could save it. Aubaine was too good not to benefit from it, in an incipient country... of Gaule towards France, one established registers. It A is enough to some oneself-saying laws divine to install a "manner" of naming the Other. A procedure which was appropriate completely for the Church and which did not change anything in the daily newspaper people, the farmer was always poor, the noble rich person.

    The installation of the patronymic first name is the beginning of a long history, a history still deeply anchored in our families where the genealogy makes receipt, the search for its name, of its history. The attachment with its name is not any more thing to be shown. With the example of this sketch of J.Y Lafesse in a telephone hoax, by doing this to pass for an officer of Marital status, it learned to Mr Conard that its name would be changed into a Martin: "we all are of the Damn fool since generations, I do not see why I will change..." Laughable, certainly, but which illustrates well the indissociable bond between the name and oneself.
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