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    To close, let us recall that it is not the choice of the first name which is the source of the traumatism. Prénommer his/her son Mathieu, his Audrey daughter is not problematic in oneself. What becomes it is the parental phantasm which brought to this first name You will thus say to me that we all are of the neurotics, I would answer you, yes and fortunately, it is what does to us what we are and all this richness that we carry, our diversity, our unicity, we owe it with these permanent interrogations. The neurosis finally it is what allows human being to further go it, beyond its clean limiting. Would be there can be a bond of cause for purpose with the intelligence, the evolution is not yet leaning on the subject.

    The first name in itself is not pathogenic. What it is necessary for all to consider it is the step. Andy for Andy Capet, Christophe because it carries the first name of a died child, Jeanne instead of Jean because the couple hoped for a boy, through these multiple examples, the traumatism resides there. It is potentially present and I insist on this point of "potentially". The life of the child is not very traced in what led to the prénommer thus. We start from a parental phantasm, but the child grows and fortunately it has its word to say. It is him which will decide later than it will make some, it is him which will use with the knowledge that it will have chosen it to what this phantasm will lead it.

    Don't forget either that any step in the choice of the first name is not inevitably "bad", consciously certainly but also unconsciously. This work stopped on obviousnesses, those which carry in them of the sufferings, of the hidden wounds. Many people will be can be recognized with the wire of the pages. They will have there can be discovered brief replies of their existence. Ways, new ways are can have appeared with the turning of a quoted example. But those should not draw the conclusion from it: "then it is a serious doctor?". It is not a question of fatal disease but well of life. The parents chose the first name through step, with the child to do of them what it wishes some, with the parents to know to give up this phantasm and to give the child what is with him, i.e. itself. It is the torch of the life. To return to each one what belongs to him, the phantasm must remain phantasm, the child must learn how to become. While looking at there more closely, as a whole the human being does not leave so badly only that there. Admittedly we carry all and a whole a first name which poses problems, but it is that we make some, the manner of living it, of accepting it or of driving back it which balances us or unbalances.

    It acts of predisposition when one pre-names... The future is thus very with us.
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