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    Don't forget that a first name is given for the life, that it will have as much to be carried that all the remainder, the choice is not without consequences, I point out it. It has as well importance as of many trade developed around the first name. Between the jewels with its first name, the books on the history of the first names, today we are entitled to "new sciences"! Indeed, one can, supposedly, starting from a first name determine the character of the child, his professional future... The Paul will be valorous, Adelaide sensitive etc. By adding even a suspicion of numerology, Ca is there all is written, programmed in advance. What brings back to us to this generalization, and if such first name is the prolongation of such problems in the parents? There is no chance, if trade is made use of the first name, it is that there is an existing request or that one succeeded in creating it. There is always an unconscious motivation, a reality hidden, even if it takes direction in reality by a truncated exploitation, erroneous at only financial and diverted ends. All the Paul are not can be not valorous, too simplistic reasoning and general practitioner but our Claude, Camille and Domenica couldn't be the fruit of parents in lack of identity? In all cases our first names Peripheral, Vécé, Twingo are without any doubt the fruit of the human silly thing which finds their sources in the expression of an evil being. If the law changed, it is that it needed to be it. If the parents today turn to first names to foreign consonances or if they test the need to create them-even it first name of their child to be born it is that the way of naming and the reasons to name changed. I do not know if the term "to evolve/move" could be appropriate in such a case.

    There was several thousands years there, one speaks Jacob, Abraham, Moïse to us. Two thousand years ago of Jesus but Christ is not her name. It is only starting from the Middle Ages, we saw why and how, the first name and the name spread. But the choice is not so large and is very often limited to the calendar of the saints. It is besides the reason for which it also frequently arrives to me of speaking about the religion. That one is believing or not, the catholic religion is the base of our company, it is not omnipotent but omnipresent. That it is in the first names where for a long time only the first names of the saints were authorized but in the figures which we use tous.les.jours. One speaks then about symbolic system of the number (nothing to see with numerology). The seven for example is the realization of oneself: seven wonders of the world, seven days of the week or more recently seven mercenaries. The three is the child: dad-mom and me, the trinity, the father, the son and the healthy spirit. The twelve is treason: Judas was it twelfth apostle, that which sold Christ. The thirteen is not a figure bringer of ill-luck but that of Resurrection. Jesus thirteenth, having died then ressuscity.

    If the media moved, a long time with television Sunday morning it had there only the Sunday mass of diffused. At the school still today, school which is said laic, refuses the port of the Islamic veil whereas the chains and crosses are still raised.

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