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    First names
    (in the order of the marital status)


    It is a tradition to give 3 (even 4, 7, if if that exists) first names to the child who has just been born. Its first name known as usual and two others. According to the mediums one will add the first name of the two large paternal parents: Pierre, Eugene, Paul or maternal: Alexandra, Marguerite, Octavie, according to whether it is of a boy or a girl. The first name of the godfather and godmother is also used, one will be able to find: Alexandre, Pierre, Jeanne or Célia, Jeanne, Michel. We previously saw the problems posed by the composed first names, but those remain nevertheless rarer. Whereas here these three first names are imposed by the Marital status. Nonglad to impose an identity triptych, one adds in the case of the choice related to the godfather, godmother, an increased tri-character of a duality of sex. Left the context of tradition, in certain families, the two even three first names are related to the "taste" of the parents. This case rather frequently meets when the parents seek to choose the first name of the child. When two first names have their favours and that they are not able to decide, one is not bored any more, one keeps both, the first, in a caricatural way, being "tiréau leaves". The child, when it is not itself the fruit of the chance, it is his first name which becomes it. Event that parents will never acknowledge with their child and often either with themselves.

    What to say this famous meeting then: if it is a boy one it calls X, and if it is a girl it is called Y. If it is a boy who one wishes and whom a girl arrives, Alexandre will transform itself into Alexandra. For the second first name, one attends a "whole, immediately". One likes such male first name and such female first name, the child must thus have both, who knows if the couple will have a second of it. Then in this doubt the child carries two first names which would have to belong to two individuals different, the second being adapted to the sex of the child. There is well a true reflexion in this choice there. A first name for the life, phrases almost become proverb gives place also to numbers of tergiversations. Often compromises must take place between the parents, each adult having his own tastes, they must, at one moment or another to compose or undergo. One of the couple will impose the choice, the other approving or it is necessary to compose. One arrives even at "freedoms of choice" following the sex of the child. The woman deciding if it is a boy, the man if it is a girl for example. And all becomes complicated when the couple results from two different traditions for the second and third first names, according to whether it is of office the first names of the grandparents or the godfather-godmother, there still one inevitably encounters a conflict which can become major. During this time there, the child him in the belly of his mother continues his development. Let us not speak then about a mother-in-law or a beautiful father whom one hates and whose first name will have the privilege to be carried by his/her child.

    In the ebony couples or two different cultures: African and a Westerner for example, the first name will run up against the two traditions. Which will be its first first name: Mathieu or Mohamed? If the father is Arab is that his/her son resembles to him how will be able it to be integrated in the company if Mathieu defines it. Certain couples use this choice for precisely, think, to help it with being better integrated. The paradoxical case is that of Swedish, large, fair with the blue eyes which prénommerait Mohamed. We are still in a company where the Abdel first name is associated a quite particular physique, where the Helmut first name also.

    What unconscious behavior that brings it to the one of the parents, if it is found frustrated in the choice of the first name. This "rancour however should well be moved", to ruminate this dissatisfaction. Who of other that the new-born baby is placed better to support it and especially to permanently recall it to the relative left for account.
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