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    In certain families the tradition is strongly anchored at the time of the death of an infant: that which will follow will carry the first name of the late one. It is unfortunately frequent to observe children psychotics because the parents had given them the first name of a big brother or an older sister died prematurely. But without falling also far, which will deny the negative impact of such a step. A man dies but its name remains.

    There are strong chances that this child has difficulties in sleep, that it is victim of insomnia and spends his nights to "brailler". It is its way with him of answering his/her parents. The sleep answers the death instinct, while not sleeping, by crying the child expresses that it is in life, manner for him of reassuring his/her parents. This case frequently also meets in the children whose parents nourish anguishes on his sleep and death: "sleep it well, it will not choke itself..." It is this example of the child carrying the first name of another death which led me to reflect a little more on the range of such a choice. By giving a first name to a child, one creates a traumatism, one reproduces problems and even a psychoanalysis undertaken "to make safe itself" as for what one transmits to his child will change nothing there, if it is not to know what. I think that the term of "reproduction" is completely suitable, the human being reproduce, ensure his descent, but also reproduced its disorders interior and worse still moves them on his/her own child.

    In certain tribes African, to subject and banish an individual of the tribe consists in withdrawing its name to him and the affubler of a nickname, this absence of name very often results in the death of this one. The concept of died and name is very anchored in all the companies. Freud, in Totem and Tabou, reported the mystery which reigned around the name of the individual. This name, in primitive tribes were to be ignored and hidden of the enemy under risk that by killing it it dispossessed it. The magic which made it possible to withdraw the name of its enemy was very dreaded. More known still and more dreaded is this belief than a dead child without one being able to give him a name cannot find the rest and find himself condemned to wander and haunt the alive ones until the damage is made good. Others persist in believing that the first name of the child must in no manner revealed being before it is not baptized without risking that it is not exchanged by children of fairies (Name, Prénom. ED Otherwise . Seven 94) or although it will not be saved as much as it will not have received its Christian name. A belief still consists with not prénommer his/her child as that of a still alive relative for fear this one is not precipitated quickly any more towards death.

    In cinematography one also finds certain quite characteristic diagrams, the moment when the malicious one has been just cut down by the nice one (or the reverse) and which is not solved to die as long as it will not hear the name of that which killed it, a manner of dying in peace, imagine a few moments the scene, one it A finds in many films. It is necessary to see the face then being able to give a name to that which precipitates in death as if it would not find the eternal rest with this ignorance. In the majority of police films besides, the "goal of the play" is to find the name of that which kills, it is around the mystery of its name that suspense is played. One all the more plays with the nerves of the witness when this one does not have any idea of the solution or that in turn on various characters the name of the "killer moves".

    Being without name it is a heart without body, which can arrive of worse. Our companies known as evolved/moved and civilized however keep this print, the first name does not change but that which carries it. Moreover the law does not enable us to change first name or of name during our existence (with share of rare exceptions). What makes smile numbers of Indian tribes which them change names on several occasions, according to the air of time, of their traversed spiritual way. This possibility of having several names are also found among Chinese. One does not become on their premises the image of oneself with the single report/ratio with his name but one is quite simply and it is what one is who changes and thus carries or supports other names.

    In France, it is well inconceivable cavity, the expression "a first name for the life" comes to point out it to us. This possibility would come to shake all our administrative system, one would not know any more who is which or which was which and when. The recourse to the nickname, with the pseudonym expresses this desire clearly to change in moments of its life of name, it causes neurosis which one studies besides. It is the only possibility which is given to us. Like the fitting of a part, or place of a table, one employs in turn nickname, diminutive, pseudonym, is this inevitably to play other characters that oneself, is the these inevitably first steps of a latent schizophrenia or quite simply is this the need to express each part of oneself which makes it possible to do only one. Moreover they are either different or us even who we affublons other names. To change name to change life or its manner of seeing. "Would be plural as the universe" liked to say Fernando Pessoa which one knows can be the writings and the multiplicity of the pseudonyms which it employed.

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