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    Let's go back with our American first names history to slacken a little. That to answer the child whose first name is inspired by an American series: "mom why I am called John Ross (JR)?" or more frequently alas the first name of a heroin style "fires of the love", these serials with the water of pink which do not finish any. It was shown that these series just like the publications of the type "harlequin" primarily made receipt because it returned in the imaginary one, of the women, with this part of childhood where the fairy tale structure, in 5 years one believes in the charming prince and then the personality is specified and one contacts reality. However at the time of going beyond not carried out, at the adulthood, certain women will continue this research, will reassure themselves in this imaginary where all finishes well at the end. And as it is known that the fairy tale is the prolongation of the incestueux desire of with his/her father... The step is very freudienne, certainly, but by accepting the various phases of the evolution of the child at Freud, around 5 years approximately begins that from the Oedipus. Without returning in the details, ask there a small girl with whom it will marry later, at this age it will answer you "with my dad". Whereas one year before it was its elected mom of its heart.

    It's difficult to hear and include/understand this step and this desire of the adult child for us who crossed the same stages but which fortunately were hidden since good a long time in our memory. His father, it seeks it wishes to like the child, allure it. His/her mother then becomes the rival who should be eliminated. The child parentophage that we know will go in the bed of his parents but in the medium of the couple to separate it physically. The small girl must be able "fantasmer" her desires, because in reality there is the interdict of the inceste. In the fairy tales, it is a question of a princess or beautiful young woman at whom it arrives of the events that only the tales can create. In White Snow for example, the "mother-in-law" is jealous of the girl of her husband. Obviously it seeks to put an end to its days, reaches that point almost without the arrival of a beautiful prince who through kiss brings back it to the life and the love. Idem for Sleeping Beauty, it is a question of long sleep before the charming prince does not arrive. This in this forced hibernation is that is solved the Oedipus? They are always at the beginning impossible loves (Cinderella, the beautiful one and the animal), hold like that of the father! Then the metamorphosis comes from one or other which makes the love possible.

    I advise the reading of "psychoanalysis of the fairy tales" of Bruno Bettelheim, his reading of the tales, so original is it opens new ways of explanation.

    The child from which his first name resulting from imaginary incestueux is unsolved, that does represent then really for the unconscious one of his/her mother? Fruit of its coupling with his/her father?

    A young woman put nearly 24 hours to be confined of her child, it wanted absolutely that he is born the anniversary day from his father. Inhabitant to several hundred kilometers of this one, it came to live opposite in his father one month before the birth. A "gift" with his/her father through this child, not like large father but like father, a way for it of fantasmer this incestueuse relation. His/her father was thus symbolically the father of the child. One says well "to make a child with...".

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