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    The choice of the pregnancy and the genre


    The part which will follow risk to run up against a number of sensitivity, of a priori and of beliefs. It is a question of wondering about the psychological aspect in the determination of the sex of the child. Genetically speaking the male gonades spermatozoïdes produce carrying X chromosome and others carrying chromosome Y. the female gonades do not produce that ovocytes carrying X chromosome a child is then either carrying chromosomes XX and it will be a girl, or carrying chromosomes XY. The laws of the probability gives a chance on two to have a boy or a girl. In psychoanalysis, there is no chance, one cannot speak about random law in an event which calls upon the psychic one. Which share thus "psyché" of each one in this advent of procreation? For my part it is total, it is the multiplicity of individuals which allows to have in France 51% women against 49% men. When one reduces to some families, the concept of probability, it is rare that it really applies. It is true that a probability is checked only on one great number so that it is right but what to say to this woman who made 5 girls? What if it had 50 children it could check a this "chance on two"?

    I suppose that the sex of the child can be known before even fecundation. That they are the neuroses or rather operating mode of the moment of the father and shared mother the which determines which sex will have the child. If the "traumatism" of the father indirectly consists in not producing a viable Y chromosome, the couple will never have of boy, and if it is about chromosome carrying X, the couple will never have of girl. It is obviously necessary to try to support these statements. It is not null question of demonstration, but of opinions, assumptions. I have as an example a couple, the woman fell pregnant. The operating mode of this one carried to believe that the child would be a boy. The woman made a point of knowing the sex of the child in order to find a first name to him. On an echography, the doctor announced that it would be about a small girl. Here is our very happy couple, seeking the best first name which is. What was made. Following echography seemed to confirm its statements. Unfortunately that which was followed from there allowed without more any uncertainty that there was no chance and that this couple generated a boy well. The birth was close, it was necessary to change what had already been prepared: linen, toys, color... It was especially necessary to modify the state of mind of the parents. Their initial wish was to have a boy what corresponded to their "neuroses", with made of a girl, they made with, being accustomed to the idea and suddenly it was necessary to retrogress, "to give up" a first name for another, to give up a sex for another. The child in the belly of his mother was boy, then girl, then boy and named thus. And it is there that one can speak about traumatism, that of the parents who will not be transparent with the eyes of the child. How many parents, at the time of the birth will explain to their "small cabbage end" (still a latent traumatism) that the gynaecologist was mistaken during the pregnancy? Very little indeed, because it is not yet in our state of mind to say that the child in the belly of his mother hears what one says to him, which to the birth it is able to feel (its manner with him of including/understanding) what is known as. Speak to the child and it will include/understand, as answer we obtain parents who it is too small, that it cannot include/understand and that it is more stupid to speak to him in open language than with of the "Agueugueu, gnagnagna". However these same parents will put music during the pregnancy and will be filled with wonder when the child, once born, falls asleep or calms himself as soon as it hears it.

    The reader will not approve can be not what follows but that it tries to hear would be this only one moment... I want to come to the fact that certain "infertilities" are due not inevitably to hormonal causes but to psychological causes. As this couple which had decided to have a child. During more than one year, their efforts were useless. The woman ended up making examinations, no trace of sterility. At the end of one moment the husband agreed in his turn to subject himself to tests (what moreover "castrator" for a man to be able to imagine that it is HIM which cannot). The results were positive, there was an insufficiency of concentration of spermatozoïdes per mm3 Pas enough of spermatozoïdes to allow fecundation. Only solution, to collect several samples and to proceed to an insemination. Without success. It is only "by chance" during discussions with the couple which the husband acknowledged that it had hidden with his wife whom it did not feel really ready to assume such a step, that it spoke only today because it did not want to make him sorrow. A few times afterwards, it fell pregnant (of the husband!) in the manner most natural which either whereas médicalement it was not possible.

    With another example, less explicit this one. This woman who unconsciously refused to have a boy. Results it had three girls but three boys died between 4 and 6 months of pregnancy. Some miscarriages can be thus explained, the father bringing the "undesirable" chromosome, despite everything nature plays its role but it is the mother who causes the expulsion of fertilized egg.

    We can also find parents who will never have children in an unexplained way médicalement because the father can "make" only boys and the mother that girls. There is well an insane scientist, when mentalities evolve/move and that what has been just stated either accepted, to find a solution genetic and medical with that.

    Now we can make a digression. The child never wishes to be born since it is the fruit and the choice of his parents, on the other hand with his birth, it has the desire to live. The difference is significant. Often at the time of the existential "crises" of adolescence, the child reproaches his parents: "I did not ask to be born", this sentence cannot indeed be contradicted, on the other hand what the young person forgets it is that it wished to live, that if it reached his 15 or 16 years, it is of its full liking, its own desire. Freud then Dolto tackled the subject of the death and life instincts. When the child is born, with him the question of the desire arises of living. The life instinct generally carries it but certain still-born children, or premature deaths children without explanation (the death of nourrisson) can find solution in this nondesire of living. The idea east can be shocking, much people does not allot a possibility of communication and feelings emotional again born. One often thinks that it is too small, that it cannot return-account yet, that he does not include/understand etc... What could push this one hardly left the belly of his/her mother to give up the life thus? One could outline certain assumptions at the people who consulted after the death of their child. One finds "accidents", rape or one evening relation, or separations and divorces during the pregnancy even certain people who did not want any any more and tested with their manner of causing miscarriages. And if the child "survives", one will find in his behavior traces of the traumatisms which it will have lived whereas it was only embryo.

    In the same framework as the choice of the sex, there is before the moment of fecundation, I spoke higher about the "accidents", but I leave the principle which they do not exist. A condom which cracks, the one evening relation which is enough... There is still no chance. The woman which falls pregnant following a rape is a very delicate example to approach but which could find echo near the reader more easily. The rape is a serious traumatism for the woman who undergoes it, physically and morally. It is enough to read the autobiographical accounts which are made by it, a woman can more easily include/understand besides the psychological "torture" which is followed from there. It has initially to face the male race and machist who summarizes himself with saying that there is rape only following one provocation of the woman, "that she sought it", passed the floods of stupid things of this style she finds only and very often makes feel guilty, reproaches himself many and many things which very often go up with the early childhood. In addition to feeling dirties and torn in her for interior, the woman feels guilty what arrives to him because precisely that arrived to him. In sadomasochistic can the quasi step which larger and crueler continuation be given to him of living? To fall pregnant... Following the emotional shock thus very often there is ovulation even in beginning or end of cycle.

    We can remark that before the techniques and the laws which allow the abortions, the women frequently gave the first name of the "rapist", when those knew it, to the child who was born. It seems that one swims in full step masochist, but reality is well there, and few people manage to include/understand why the woman who lived such a traumatism acts thus.

    Another example less heavy example to describe is that of this young woman who was invited by her small buddy with the cinema. This one "finished its rules". The film was a beautiful history of love where heroin fell pregnant, one attended his pregnancy then with his childbirth. Many emotions crossed this girl, the evening it made love with his/her friend, they were not protected, "that did not risk anything", it fell pregnant...

    Other women fell pregnant whereas they took a means of contraception correctly, others still whereas there had not been penetration, it may be indeed after an ejaculation apart from the sex of the woman (sodomy for example) that a flow takes place and that part of the seminal liquid penetrates nevertheless inside the woman. It is said that the pill is sure to 95%, is necessary it to attach the risk to the medicamentous treatment or the psychological aspect. How many girls of 16-18 years fall pregnant nowadays, at the moment when physically and psychologically the body and the spirit transmit these impulses and desires of child even unconsciously. The young teenager who discovers the relation with a person of the opposite sex believes to often discover the love with large A. In fact its body and its spirit discover that it is "suited" to procreation. This desire, this impulse animal is well anchored of each one of us. A psychobiological process is set up so that "nature" plays its role fully. The legalization of the means of contraception and the abortion considerably increased the number of cases of nondesired pregnancies.

    Now the case of the twins, homozygotes to start. Homozygote means same egg, which one more commonly calls the "truth-twins", genetically identical since carrying same chromosomes of the mother and the father. With fecundation, the ovule begins its cellular division, of a cell by mitosis finds two then four then eight then sixteen and so on in an exponential way. It happens that during the first cellular divisions a "accident" occurs. The egg with two cells cuts into two for reasons with difficulty explicables scientifically. These two cells insulated take again nevertheless the cycle of divisions with zero, each of both divide independently until complete formation of two embryos then of two children. The process can be carried out until the sixty the fourth division, beyond the cells start to be determined and cannot start again the cycle with zero. Thus a woman mathematically speaking is able to carry an quasi-infinite number children homozygotes. Indeed let us admit that the ovule was divided into two, each of two ovules lately created can him be also divided. Let us fear where in vitro medicine will be able to reproduce the phenomenon to create whole "armies" of the same individual to the manner of the cloning. We explain badly, I said it, scientifically this cellular division, can be could one find answers in traumas of the mother.

    The twin heterozygotes, the "false-twins", are not resulting from same egg, there were two ovulations. Normally with each cycle, the woman ovule of the left horn then the cycle according to right horn and so on. It happens that the two horns ovulent at the same time, they will then be fertilized by two spermatozoïdes. Two different eggs thus two different charts genetic what explains why the truth-twins resemble each other and are always same sex, whereas the hétérozygotes are their own and can be opposite sexes. What thus pushes the human "machine" to be put out of order thus when scientifically it isn't explained?
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