The first name, which comes before the name... what is front, which is used to become but which is not yet. The purpose of the first name is only to differentiate the individuals from the same family. And still, in some, the son takes that of the father, who held it of his grandfather etc. In the United States the practice is so widespread that one adds Jr afterwards, junior. The child is not any more that the imperfect reproduction of his/her father, one traces without his knowledge his future life, it will have to make as well if they are better only its predecessors, but it will be ultimately only the pale copy. The first name and the not changing name, to only be it of flesh carry its own features. Can one under these conditions of carrying out his own individuation, of being carried out oneself, to have his character, his own existence? Jr comes to recall us that it is not him, but the son of his father first of all. It east can be excellent in the wish of a conservation of a patriarchal company where the myth of the murder of the father still makes quiver. Each thing in its place, the very powerful father where the son will sit when this one is not any more. Where am I, which am I finally?

    The names of the Father ("theeasily deceived ones wander "at Lacan), are also used in certain French families. Where the son takes the first name of the grandfather or it takes that of the father. Pascal prénomme his Pascal son, or the woman of Pascal prénomme his Pascal son (I do not hear the adult there who had the "last word" in the choice of the first name of the child). The two cases are interesting here to develop. In the first the father wants of his son what it was not or could not be, a draft then an ideal realization.

    This example is interesting, a couple whose father prénommait Thierry had as an idea of prénommer their Derrick child, the first name was not very current (the inspector having made its appearance only well afterwards) and it liked. They are only years later, "by chance", that this couple realized that Derrick was a first name directly derived from Thierry. We return from there to this share conscious and unconscious in the choice of the first name, considerable which takes or takes direction only according to the events or of a particular research of the individual on itself, that leaves there even as this book would like to make you undertake.

    Some arab tribus, that goes even further since the first name comprises the mention "wire of..." (Ben...) with the detriment of the name. The subject is only by what his/her father was, which literally is founded but it acts more than one subdivision in acts. The subject is the fruit of one of the acts of his/her father, this one acts, it exists by its acts, the son is the prolongation, the resultant as of his will be in fact the prolongation of those of his/her father unfinished and not them his really. Here is a good means of reaching eternity. If "the existence precedes the gasoline" (Sartre), the "wire of", Jr will never have his clean, its existence not belonging to him. As for wire of the son of, that in is for him? One remains obviously in a tradition of very powerful father, whom one finds in the bible with the children of God the Father. God being of each one of us, we are all his/her children thus in prolongation we are all brothers and sisters. My parents are thus also my brother and my sister as my children are also, one bathes it in the inceste! A whole problem is posed there, namely the danger of a immobilism of the thought or an opposite an engine of advanced for the spirit.
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