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    One of the parameters to be taken into account is the moment of the choice: front, during, after the design, before or after the knowledge of the sex of the child to come. To very make a child certainly, but quickly then, boy or girl. The genetics progresses years by years and one speaks to us about this future day which one wishes or which one fears to be able to choose one day the sex of the child to be born. For the moment the ethics committee takes care that these skids cannot take place. One speaks to us to let make nature but also parental will. As long as to make a child as much be able to choose his sex and why not the color of its eyes like his/her mother, of her hair like his/her father, his size like his large father and his intelligence like his uncle who succeeded well in the life. Short capacity to make and choose his/her child as with the supermarket. As long as to sign for 20 years of education to as much put the maximum of positive elements on its side. One swims obviously into full is delirious and the genetics is not there to answer the whims of each one. Moreover today which is this role of the genetics? One wire-drawer of advanced out of medical matter, of comprehension of the human mechanisms, the diseases, one progresses in the knowledge of the man to better bring to him more and, but all are these considerations really of human size, are really accessible for him?

    So far is the time when one relied on God. God today is sorcerer's apprentice in the human realization. Today one makes clones of ewe, one does the One of the newspapers of them besides. The method is very simple, it acts to take a cell of ewe, an ovule and hop the turn is played, I schematize obviously, in the idea the procedure is simple, one needed however tens and tens of years to concretize it. Rumours circulate on the fact that certain researchers would have succeeded in making of it in the same way with the human cloning, other rumours would imply that a human spermatozoïde was placed in-vitro in an ovule of gorilla then placed in a gorilla female, pregnancy was followed from there which was supposedly stopped in a few months. Be delirious, lies or reality, no one does not know it for the moment but we are nevertheless within the framework of the possible one. The media water us genetics and of its handling which could be made, the cinema made the echo on several occasions of the various experiments which could be undertaken in order to improve the human race, and the question is not recent, it is found at each century. The last cinematographic reflexion in date is "Welcome in Gattaca", where the selection is done before and with the birth by the means of the genetics. To be likely to succeed professionally, the children must be designed by fecundation in-vitro and as of the birth a test ADN is carried out, it is him which traces all the future of the individual. And best the characteristics of each one in the discipline will be exploited than it excels as of the birth.

    Raise the problem of the genetics, not without seeking to be mislaid, is a projection which each relative wishes for his child. It would be liked perfect, one would like to give him the maximum of chance at the beginning. He to transmit best self very in "putting" side the least good. A child it is a "project" much more intense than that to buy a house, but a project nevertheless. He is worked out, he dreams himself, thinks as of the age where the human being is "able" to reproduce. Who does not dream of the ideal child and finally "made with", likes it "nevertheless", the remarks hard but are so often heard. A child is a desire which is conceived and altogether appeared completely normal, the reverse would be more worrying and would certainly raise of the internment.

    Desire is there, consciously or not, whether he is a boy or a girl. Would be necessary it can be to wonder about the parents who before knowing answer you that the sex imports. Besides I incite the parents who will recognize themselves to wonder at greater length about this reality. The animal impulse leads indeed to the simple reproduction, but you parents, your desire could be limited only to one simple reproduction. One cannot indeed conceive to be it without him to give a sexual identity, this aspect is developed besides further. This desire which becomes pleasure of having a child cannot be stopped there. There is sexuée construction of the small future of man. The fertilized ovocyte has already all its genetic chart, including the sex of the embryo. Not to want to know, is not this step an escape of a possible disappointment. What one wishes does not have according to probabilities' that a chance on two to be carried out then one does not prefer to take the risk of this "failure" of the sex. And all starts there, because already unconsciously one cannot think, to imagine his child without projecting it sexué, which makes it possible not to compare it to a thing. One does not make a child to make a child, there is a whole symbolic system which is grafted around and it is the latter that one will tend to transmit.

    " If one had a child, one would call it...", this frequent sentence in our vocabulary calls upon imaginary of the child, that of the adult who joins again with his plays passed, a little as one plays headstock or with its this need, teddy bear to name what is and in this precise case what will be because such is the "destiny" of all. It is in fact a false projection in the future. Well before the design, to imagine the first name of a child, it is not that of his but of that which one was, the first name that one could have chosen for oneself.

    Besides its during the first eight years that the child needs to be identified, initially with animals, one plays the lion, the cat, dog and one is in turn the lion, the cat, the dog. One finds these sets of children in the animated drawings where the heroes are animals which speak. At Walt Disney for example, the mouse, the duck. The animals evolve/move at the rate/rhythm of the child, they take human form (Cosmocats). As it acquires its personality, which it becomes to aware of its statute human being then of its sexuation, it is identified with other men. The child thinks to be an animal and the MIME, then he is the hero whom he saw with tele or in the books. He is one of the "power rangers" after having been one of the "tortoises ninjas". The small girl is Cendrillon, the boy mowgli. Moreover on this last example, it is well a phase of transition, the child is high among the animals, it grows, discovers reality then from there will meet its "similar", the world of the Men, the adults... Remember, small Mowgli seeing this pretty young lady at the edge of water, it hesitates to join it, attracted by a mysterious force (guess which) and that to turn over among his/her friends the animals. Pulled about by what it must leave behind him, its world of child, and unrelentingly called towards the world of the adults. The logical step in this history is respected, it agrees to grow.

    Out of the fairy-like world of the tales and legends which surrounds it then of its environment of most distant to nearest, it will find zorro or zora the russet-red one. And we will leave side all the aspect oedipien that others treated well better. To imagine adult the first name of a child amounts finishing, to close certain plays of childhood symbolically unfinished, to leave behind oneself what could not be solved.

    A lot of parents, after or without reflexion, decides "to make" a child. One thinks of it as of a project, with something which one builds stone after stone, one wonders about the founded good of the moment, the financial standing (question of modern times that one was not posed it does not have so a long time only that there). Some go even until wondering about their maturity.

    During the pregnancy, before knowing the sex, one builds an image of the child growing inside oneself, it is not yet a boy, a girl, but part of oneself which develops inside the woman, the need to name is then made feel, not by first names but by words synonymous with amazement or anguish that new come generates in the couple. Comes the period from the assumption, it most favourable with numbers of first names, all is lived of the person re-appears then. If it is a girl I would call it Nathalie, Patricia, or Angelica, the person is not fixed yet, and if it is a boy, even proceeded. A manner of evacuating a form of latent anguish in oneself, it becomes a whole in one nothing, an effect of imaginary and dream which takes gasoline progressively belly swelling and of increasingly visible perception and physical of the mother who feels well that that moves inside. Unconscious image can be of its own body, one lived old, a projection of oneself in these moments there. The girl becomes mother, realizes and is carried out.

    And then comes the echography that which can give without reserve the sex of the child. Moreover it is interesting to note the reserve of the gynaecologists not to give their impression as long as they are not sure for the sex of the child, "one does not see well... One will be can be fixed the next month... " As if the error of "diagnostic" on the sexual identity of the child could have annoying consequences, vain joys or true sorrows with respect to the parents. When the certainty is there raises the terrible question, because it becomes urgent to give a first name, it is not more one foetus, an embryo, a bébète which pushes inside oneself but of a boy or a girl.

    "It cannot remain without name", the State requires it to be able to count it and classify it in its cards, the parents in this need for not chosifier and the entourage in this need for recognition. But the child him with the birth does not ask anything, it asks only love and food to wish to live.

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