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    Who does not have in its family an account relating to the officer of Marital status which pretexting that "that is not done" refuses the first name given by the parents to their new-born baby. A few years ago still in certain town halls, the Marine first name was prohibited, in connection with the sea and not with a first name, whereas in others, it did not pose any problem. The law provided that only the first names appearing in the calendars or for the use of the first name in France and abroad could be used as support of choice. Since 1993, a new law repealed certain texts. Completely remelted even in certain fields: "the officer of marital status immediately carries on the birth certificate the first names chosen by the parents" and this whatever they are, restriction made of those which "appear contrary with the interest of the child". In this case is to the officer of marital status to warn the Public prosecutor which can seize the court in order to remove it. Are aimed: "the first names having an appearance or a consonance ridiculous, pejorative or coarse, those difficult to carry because of their complexity or their reference to a character discredited in the history" Hitler would thus not pass, De Gaule yes. Goldorak, not, Candy yes.

    It is still with the appreciation of the Judge in certain extreme cases thus, but of the first names which appeared out of attack, can be prohibited by this one whereas for the remainder of the population it is commonly allowed. The topicality precedes the publication of this book. At the beginning of 1999, a couple of Besancon puts at the world a little boy. Impassioned climbing and more precisely of the climbing Bertrand Roche, called Zébulon, the parents decide on the prénommer thus. But it is without counting the memories of childhood of the substitute of the Republic which remembers the "enchanted horse-gear", television broadcast of the Sixties where the principal character was called Zébulon. It fears for the child the mockeries of his futures small comrades. He refers then to the texts of law and does not authorize Zébulon name for this little boy. But which child today knows Zébulon? More no, let us pass! The parents appealed, without success, and while waiting for small Zébulon its second first name for the Marital status carries. Moreover Zébulon is one of wire of Jacob in the old will, but this history then does not form part of memories of childhood...

    In parallel of this anecdote, the choice is free. Since the appearance of this new law, the parents knew to show very creative and very destroying imagination, succeeding in using the law for nevertheless "ridiculing" their descent. That also gave the possibility to the parents of creating themselves the first name of the child. Obviously, when the law does not need more to be circumvented, it is often used within its extreme limits, a free form of reinterpretation which becomes necessary and passage quasi-obliged in the meanders of imaginary until now driven back by texts. Without more comments for the moment.
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