The choice of the first name is from now on free since 1993. The parents do not have any more the obligation to find in the calendar of the saints, that or that whom will carry his child. The officer of marital status could refuse on his goodwill a first name. It is not any more the case and excesses are not rare any more unfortunately. With Mister and Mrs Toulemonde who had called their binocular Pacôme and Côme, imagine the reactions to the school with the call of their name: Like Toulemonde and Pas like Toulemonde (phonetically). We then see appearing first names more confusing, when they are related to the name. This woman who feeling her contractions to approach decided to be made take along to the hospital, lost her water in the car, the firemen intervened on the northern peripheral of Paris, the childbirth finished with maternity. What could be more natural whereas of prénommer his/her Northern Peripheral child? The officer of Town hall succeeds in nevertheless making admit the nonsense of such a choice, the child prénomme Périphérique, "North" having disappeared. Or Mister and Mrs Capet who had the choice between Hugues and Andy for their son, finally Andy suited him much better.

    As confusing as that can appear, these examples are veracious, and in the entourage of each one of us the proof is done. One is not without smiling when one learns how that in certain places of Africa, the child takes the first name indicated on the calendar of the day of his birth, thus to be born on July 7 is equivalent being called automatically Raoul, to be born 25 Décembre, Christmas, July 14, "Fetnat". Laughable, certainly, for us Western and the partisans of pure races will not fail yet to find arguments with... But while remaining in France, a directory, we take find in the family "GOOD" of the Jean, but also of the Jean Jean, the Henri Henri. The jokes of "Mister and Madam have a son" are only one collection of names drawn from the botin, the majority really exists. Today one speaks to us about the names difficult to carry (which was not it besides a few centuries ago, they were even the pride of certain families), to start with Belleverge, Beaucul and one is concerned less silly thing with some with the daily newspaper. Obviously if you are called Zeblouse you think of prénommer your Agathe daughter, but from there to pass to the act; from there to make endure for a life with the flesh of your flesh, a joke who will have made you laugh five minutes...

    Perhaps to be to understand this step should it be wondered whether the parents really understood the step which they took. The import of the act to give birth to is not so accessible only that. The parents do not think in the future of their child with a first name returning in the category "humour" because they do not visualize their own future. A certain fear, distresses following day more than of the human silly thing. These lines are not ridges besides to judge but make it possible to the reader to answer itself his own interrogations. What it is necessary to notice in the "Mister and Madam has a son", it is that the character takes its grotesque only when it is associated in the name of family. Andy is a rather used first name, it is Andy Capet which is it less. It would seem that there is an unconscious will of the relative to return their son or their only daughter, separately. Moreover the names which lend to confusion cannot any more be it when the parents preceded the mockery. It is already made and does not allow any more the entourage of variation. The set of evils becomes a simple pun.

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