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    Where we take again the writing where it had not been left. It is necessary to advance through all this acquired knowledge, the capacity of the statement. That which releases and opens new ways. It "to see" used with so many knowledges, well too often bad, serving only the interest of some, seldom that concerned. It is not a question of that one, but of the clean capacity, a taken personal step. One finds this "capacity" in many writings, including and especially monk. The Bible is the most significant example. Whether one is atheistic or believing, this work refers. In the Gospels, with the blind man who claimed a miracle, Jesus asks him that which it needs. Paradox of the speech, where what appears obvious becomes it only by its expression through language. The confession follows the same principle, one is addressed directly to God to be forgiven, whereas God knows all, sees all. It is not enough "be sorry" for what one did, but to say its act aloud. The Bible is symbol, without the words, without the statement nothing takes direction or very other than that which one would like to give him.

    It is necessary to seize the range of what are expressed and in the tumble of the writing, I remember this person suffering from asthma, bound undoubtedly for it to the cigarette. When it smokes it has asthma inevitably, if it stops, it does not suffer from it more. These famous psychosomatic diseases, of the words which are expressed in evils. This unknown person for me comes from there to speak to me about her father. Indeed a few years before, it lived a drama. While returning to it with her mother, it has surprised her father in other company. Nothing was formulated, it would have meant to him, to speak, express about it its rage to him, its anger but never nothing, years after years. All the protagonists kept the silence of this event, and since it makes asthma. It will have taken him a few minutes to express all that and it was gone from there. About fifteen days later, its asthma had disappeared simply because it had associated a symptom with one lived, from the words with an evil.

    Is it sufficient although necessary ? I am today in the position of that which looks at, some times one questions me, one speaks to me, in the search of a interpretative statement, with or without success, but how to define the success of a statement, can be its success in acting it differently, or simply the displacement of one nothing, this famous vacuum, this open hole to fill, where the "lack misses", a new look on oneself. Many works could describe the course of an interpretation, that of the analyst vis-a-vis its analyzing, its source of nowhere or rather of this place which is the unconscious one. There in vain oneself lived the analysis, his, that which allows the listening of the other, it remains a share of "magic", an interpretation which seems to leave a divinatory art. This bond which is created between two people even out the framework of the meeting, that one remains to me abstract. Attentive with the techniques of the PNL which are neither more nor less than one thorough observation of the other, "a simple" grid of decoding, the result leaves perplexed because noncontrollable, nonaccessible to all. I have around me people sensitive to the PNL, works of Dolto, Salome, two even contradictory completely different fields of exploration but often associated, the reading that they make of it their is so personal that it releases a direction contrary to the word.

    I remember a person "follower" of the writings of Dolto and supposedly taking all its "advice". She purely dedicated a true worship with the excrements of her child in a horizon scatophile. She explained to her child why the FECES, were a "gift", to make "excrement" was named "to make gift with mom". A production of the child for his mom. I thus read again Dolto, it seemed to me that it spoke about the importance to name the things, of the importance to explain to the child. It seemed me to have understood that indeed, it was necessary to explain to the child what was déféquer, from where that came, where that left, in the only concern which it does not generate of anguish, that there is not confusion in his spirit to say that it lost a "end" of him and is déstructurait. In short that this process was completely normal... Does twenty years later that give what? A boy who admired "his shits" and when it found "pretty", put it in one limps to show it with his entourage. He measured them, size, form... Concurrently to that, it was creative, an unquestionable gift for painting, art... When a table "is missed" isn't it said that it is about a "shit"?

    And this other which after having followed a training course of J Salome: "to accompany the life at those which will leave it", to seek the in good health ones to bring them towards death. One suffers nowadays from a not-communication between the beings, but the language, tool so essential which is comprises as a weapon in the spirit of some. Would the language makes us neurotics, the communication be finally really accessible to all? It would be afflicting to or not add it to disciplines known as turned towards an elite, intellectual. I do not think of a control of the communication, though the university delivers this kind of diploma well, are useful myself only of what you know or learn could be to it a proverb. The experiment enriches knowledge, the child who burns himself on the fire of the gazinière will do it only one time, the communication seems to be lacking with this type of training. Quite to the contrary, it seems to be the pernicious instrument of a disordered state of the structure, as if the language made it possible to maintain an imbalance in oneself which one would project with the outside, sails one with the shores of the repression of the impulse, I do not know it, but I reconsider with this sentence already referred to above on the words which are expressed in evils. The language then seems structuring or déstructurant according to the clean investigation, one takes pleasure in his misfortune is a well known leitmotiv, the complaint is the compost of the suffering. "To speak made good", with which, how, always the illusion of an ear which listens but which hears only the words which can return it to itself. Show to your 3 year old child the moon by pointing it of your index, it is your finger which it will look at. Ask him if it has the hour, it will answer you yes. All is so simple...
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