Breaking up first names


    Composed first names, in general in binomial, are also a vast field where one can take account of the choice of the juxtaposition of the two first names: either a commonly allowed assembly or fruit of a desire for associating two first names between them. It is to be noticed that those are more widespread in the layers known as high of the company. Between a Jean-Pierre and Pierre Jean, there is not only the order which takes direction but the rupture on the level of the language which is thus caused. One speaks about literary kind, here there is also effect of kind voluntarily subjected to listening. Except thus the real difference or not that causes the first name made up in a company thus seeking to affirm are social status, prerogative of the middle-class, it has a strong tendency to amplify this ambiguity of the identity. Two cases arise at us: Jean-Marie and Jean-Michel.

    The first is the combination of two biblical first names (the majority besides still are first names resulting from the Christian religion), one, an apostle of Jesus, the other, that of the virgin. The individual carries a double function, a double denomination, this duality masculin/féminin cannot it have effects on the clean operating mode of the child and later of the adult. Isn't a traumatism deliberately caused? If it is well lived, that us renvoit with the bisexualisation of the individual, a balance found between this male and female share. If it is not comparable on the other hand, the doubt of identity can persist.

    Some families anchored in Catholicism have as a tradition to give like second first name, systematically and some is the sex of the child the Marie first name. We thus meet of Pierre Marie, the Rene Marie, the Catherine Marie. Often this second first name is associated the first to become a made up and used first name just as it is with the daily newspaper. Others on the other hand take Jean as first first name then associate another first name, biblical it or not: Jean-François, Jean-Rene, Jean-Patrick, Jean-Charles, Jean-Paul

    I fear that with regard to the second combination: Jean-Michel, the traumatism, different certainly, has more pernicious effects. François-Xavier, Jean-baptiste, Mayfair nitwit, Pierre-Yves, Anne-Sophie, Jacques-Yves: two first names for only one and even nobody, while caricaturing, one gives this manner a schizophrenic aspect, a double unconscious personality which in the worst of the cases will be able to be translated and be lived in another reality that our by the interested party. But it is seldom a question of "worse cases". Who is this second first name which forms integral part of oneself. Who is Jean, who is Michel in Jean-Michel? This is the same one, is this two individuals in only one, Michel can it be in the Other. It is not any more with oneself that it is necessary to learn how to compose but with two components from oneself. If Jean-Michel learns how to know Jean, and does not find itself in Michel, it can seek it in an image of Michel through the Other. In is report/ratio so that we evoke previously, the female share of Jean-Michel found in Michel? What becomes paradoxical for this made up first name where the identification loses of his relationship with the sexualisation to be it.
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